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What You Need to Know About Psalm 24 (part 2)

What You Need to Know About Psalm 24 part 2, mountainous country with a sunny, clouded sky, green, brown, blue, and white, a blue box with yellow writing

Psalm 24 is called a Psalm of Ascent. It leads us upward to the hill of the Lord, to the high place where the temple is built upon a rock. Pay attention to the ways in which you, the reader, are led upward toward the throne of God as you read this Psalm.

After the Psalmist has established that God is the creator of all there is, that His presence is overpowering, and that we must have clean hands and a pure heart in order to enter His presence, he ends with a prayer. His prayer is that the gates will open and allow the king to enter in. Read my explanation of the first part of Psalm 24 here.

Notice that the king hasn’t yet come in: Continue reading

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