• University President
  • Chairman, Board of Directors for Major NCAA Athletic Conference
  • School Board President
  • Pastor
  • Incorporator and Founding Dean of Seminary
  • Board Chairman of NYSE Company

Sloan’s leadership abilities span a wide range of skills and interests.

When his children were young and in elementary through high school, he became involved in local school activities. He was elected to the school board, and after serving for several years as a trustee, was elected President of the School Board.  While his children were in school, he coached both soccer and Little League.  He was inducted  into the Little League Hall of Excellence along with Cal Ripkin and Len Coleman in 1996 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

While he was a professor at Baylor, he was asked by the president to form a seminary.  As an incorporator and Founding Dean of Truett Seminary, Sloan designed the curriculum and hired the new faculty.  Truett Seminary is now celebrating more than twenty years of success.

Two years after being named founding Dean of Truett Seminary, Sloan was elected President of Baylor University.  He served as President for ten years and Chancellor for one.  While at Baylor, Sloan was selected by his peers in the Big 12 Athletic Conference for a term as chairman of the board, and also convened and was asked to serve as chair of the “Group of Six”, a gathering of presidents of the big six athletic conferences.

Following his tenure at Baylor, Sloan was elected as President of Houston Baptist University, where he has now served for more than ten years.   In Higher Education, Sloan is known as a visionary leader who is able to help universities think about what they want to become, and help them move toward those goals.

Beyond education, Sloan has been a proven leader in the community as well.  He has always been civically involved, and in Houston, that has not been an exception.  Sloan has served on the boards of Houston Christian High School, the Houston Symphony, Greater Houston Partnership, and the Memorial Hermann Hospital Board. He is also a Trustee Emeritus at Baylor College of Medicine.   In addition, he has served on the Board of Orphan Outreach in Dallas, Texas.

Most recently, Sloan has been named chairman of the Board of Citizens, Inc., a NYSE company, after serving on that board for several years.

Sloan is a leader, but more importantly, he is a follower of Christ.  That is who motivates and inspires him to do what he does and to be who he is.

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