My interest in writing has motivated me to create this website, thus, many of my earliest blogs will be focused on that. But I will also write on the other categories represented in the website, so I hope you and I will interact no matter what the topic. Watch for forthcoming blogs.


June 27th, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
In this Faith & College blog series, I have been exploring the various colleges and schools of Houston Baptist University and thinking about how e
June 14th, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
How does a Christian worldview – understood particularly with respect to the overarching story of Scripture – inform and help us implement th
June 2nd, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
The School of Education within the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences (CoEBS) at HBU teaches, researches, and models those activities t
May 25th, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
Our School of Nursing and Allied Health at HBU does its work of teaching, research, and clinical training in relationship to the healing professions.
May 10th, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
The Archie W. Dunham College of Business at HBU has been widely recognized for its excellence – an excellence that comes from the product of ou
May 2nd, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
Science and mathematics are longtime academic disciplines of higher education. In a Christian university, however, tradition is not our only reason fo
April 17th, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
The Easter season has caused me to reflect on many things, and in that process of reflection I've tried to ask myself what the life, death and resurre
April 3rd, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
The Christian worldview starts with the one true and living God, who is good and purposeful, who keeps His word, and who is the creator of all things:
March 28th, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
Worldview is a shorthand way to refer to "how we see things." To be more precise, it's really how we see big things, how we view the world, and it's u
March 20th, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
4 notions that miss the mark in describing a Christian university What is a Christian school? Houston Baptist University – note the middle word of

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