My interest in writing has motivated me to create this website, thus, many of my earliest blogs will be focused on that. But I will also write on the other categories represented in the website, so I hope you and I will interact no matter what the topic. Watch for forthcoming blogs.


March 28th, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
The Christian worldview starts with the one true and living God, who is good and purposeful, who keeps His word, and who is the creator of all thi
March 28th, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
Worldview is a shorthand way to refer to "how we see things." To be more precise, it's really how we see big things, how we view the world, and it
March 20th, 2017 / Robert B Sloan
  4 notions that miss the mark in describing a Christian university What is a Christian school? Houston Baptist University – note the middl
December 7th, 2015 /
You don't have to look far to see that there is a serious moral decline in our families and in our culture. American Christian revival movements have
November 30th, 2015 /
What is your church’s agenda? What function does it serve? What are its goals? In Colossians 1 Paul divulges his goal, his agenda, what his total p
November 23rd, 2015 /
Psalm 116 has much in common with other thanksgiving Psalms, but it also has an element that’s a bit unusual: the Psalmist identifies the specific r
November 16th, 2015 /
Psalm 117 is the shortest Psalm in all of the Psalter. In fact, it’s the shortest chapter in all of the Bible—but there’s a lot more meaning pac
November 11th, 2015 /
Why doesn’t God immediately judge the wicked and rescue His people? The Scriptures make it clear that there’s a long purpose at work. He acts so t
November 9th, 2015 /
It’s oftentimes hard to get to church. I remember that when our 7 kids were small, Sue and often I found it difficult to get all those little shoes
November 4th, 2015 /
I learned my first Latin paradigms years ago with a nonsense phrase: OSTMUSTISNT. I put the words endings I needed to remember together in a made-up w