Welcome to My Webpage Robertbsloan.com

I’m really glad you’ve landed here. I’d like to introduce myself to you and also invite you to a conversation.

I’ve done a lot of things in life, assuming various roles and taking on many different kinds of work. But no website, blog or resume can hope to describe a person fully. Still, this website is a beginning, and I hope it’s the beginning of getting to know you as well.


I’ve tried to come up with just a few categories that would give the website its format by summarizing the kinds of things I do. I hope you’re interested in some of the same things.

So, what you’ll find here are four broad categories: author, communicator, educator, and leader.

These four areas represent things I have done over my working lifetime. These experiences provided me and my family with many memories. It is in the experiences of life that memories are made and life is shaped.

I’ll also have some other content that will say a little bit more about me on a more personal level, and there will also be an invitation to you to read some of my thoughts related to the four categories above. I hope you will offer your own thoughts and impressions as well.

Again, thanks for coming here, and I hope you’ll take a look around.